Applications Specialist

January 29, 2018

Location: Bay Area

Salary:  Open

Job Description:

Working primarily in the Demo Lab, this person will develop expertise and application knowledge in electron/focused ion beam (FIB-SEM) and x-ray microscopy (XRM) systems and be responsible for customer demos, training and sample preparation.  This position reports to VP Semi Manufacturing Technology.


Additional Responsibilities include:

  • Maintain the demonstration equipment in an optimized condition in order to deliver its best performance.

  • Perform basic service and level-1 troubleshooting tasks on FIB-SEM and XRM instruments.

  • Capable of delivering and presenting application topics in conferences and workshops.

  • Provide sales support and technical expertise.

  • Writing of scientific publications and application materials is highly encouraged.
  • Budgeting consumables, sample preparation equipment and inventories.
  • Sample evaluation and demonstration.
  • Plan, track and manage time slots for sample evaluation.
  • Develop best practices for sample preparation for optimal imaging      results.
  • Collect / create marketing collateral.  Prepare application notes and white papers.
  • Assure demo equipment is optimized in order to deliver its best performance condition.
  • Conduct on-site application training for install-based.

  • Work closely with sales and service functions.

  • Required to travel and participate in scientific conferences and workshops.

  • Domestic and international travel up to 25%.


  • Bachelor or Master Degree or PhD in Physics, Material Science or Chemistry.

  • Minimum 3 years’ experience in operating e-beam systems and its applications.  Lab experience with semiconductor samples is preferred.

  • Customer-oriented focus.
  • Good communicating and inter-personal skills.

Contact Information:

Associate:  Myrna D. Parkin

Phone:  508-647-0221