Senior Solution Manager - Process Control Solutions

August 31, 2017


Location: Bay Area

Salary:  Open

Job Description:

The PCS group defines Company solution strategies and strategic priorities (where to play, what to do, what not to do) that drive growth in semiconductor markets.  Through deep technical knowledge of the Semiconductor industry coupled with expert knowledge of available Company technologies, PCS identifies important customer problems that may be addressed with Company solutions both now and in the future. Through this knowledge, PCS supports the field organizations to promote current solutions and guides Company internal R&D projects for the future.

The Senior Solution Manager is the key leader of the group that provides deep technical knowledge of the semiconductor industry.  Key responsibility is managing the Applications Technology Group (AT Group) comprised of solution experts for FEOL Logic, FEOL Memory and Advanced Packaging. This person will also personally be responsible for FEOL Logic solutions.

The key deliverable for the AT Group is the commercial success of Company solutions in all customer technology areas (i.e. FEOL Logic, FEOL Memory and Advanced Packaging both now and in the future.  You will drive the AT team to find the most effective ways to promote current solutions and propose new solutions in terms of the customer’s problems and customer’s language.  You will be expected to think in terms of the business model, market growth and profitability.  Establishing and justifying the solution roadmaps from both technical and economic return on investment perspectives is a core deliverable.

Must be the authority within the PCS group that has a deep technical understanding of the customer’s problems and, by matching them to Company technology advantages, guides both near term product positioning and development roadmaps.

This position reports to Sr. Director of Marketing and Applications.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Lead the Applications Technology Group (AT Group) to develop and evolve technical profiles of customer workflows relevant to Company solution opportunities.  Develop market analyses and business plans for all customer technology areas.
  • Monitor semiconductor technology and business trends relevant to Company solution areas. 
  • Monitor emerging customer needs and identify most promising solution opportunities.
  • Provide customer perspective for strategy and roadmap planning (products, solutions and applications).
  • Own solution roadmaps for each customer technology area.
  • Work with applications development personnel to generate MRDs and drive the PSGP process for Company solution development priorities.
  • Develop and own relation/collaboration with key customers and opinion leaders.
  • Develop solution positioning and go-to-market plans.
  • Drive content generation for internal sales training, sales materials, and marketing campaigns.
  • Drive sales training planning and execution from customer technology area perspective.
  • Monitor performance of solution portfolio, develop corrective actions where appropriate and drive implementation.
  • Drive thought leadership priorities (publications, conference contributions, and webinars).
  • Implement sales market focus groups and customer focus groups / advisory boards.
  • Regularly report progress, issues and plans to Company upper level management.


  • Market analyses (a.k.a. environmental analysis).
  • Documented portfolio and segment solution roadmaps.
  • MRDs and business plans.
  • Documented solution positioning and go-to-market plans.
  • Content for trainings and sales collateral (internal and external).
  • Coordinate planning and execution for FEOL Logic specific sales training.
  • Thought leadership priorities (publications, conference contributions, and webinars).
  • Internal reporting to upper level management.

 Experience and Education Requirements:

  • MS or PhD Degree in technical field strongly preferred.
  • 5+ years relevant experience working in a technical discipline working as an engineer or scientist for an electronics related manufacturer.
  • Experience with application of light microscopy, x-ray, e-beam or ion beam imaging and associated analytical tools strongly preferred.

  • High level thinker that is able to “see the forest through the trees”. This is especially important when faced with extracting valuable information from a mountain of raw data.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills. The ideal candidate will be equally comfortable communicating with the scientific/technical community and high level economic buyers. Developing and delivering effective presentations to internal senior management is required.

  • Previous strategic marketing experience in technical field is a plus.

Contact Information:

Associate:  Myrna D. Parkin

Phone:  508-647-0221