Head of Business Sector Electronics

November 21, 2017

Location: Bay Area

Salary:  Open

Job Description:

The Head of Electronics is in charge of running activities aimed at growing the Microscopy business in the electronics industry. He/she will use x-ray, electron, helium-ion and light microscopes to help electronics customers find superior solutions to the challenges they face, especially in the fields of failure analysis and process control. The Head of Electronics will work closely with Sales & Service, Product Management and R&D to ensure their projects are implemented in the best possible way.


  • Understand the Electronics markets, its competitors, trends and applications, especially in F&A labs and process control.

  • Be in charge of the strategic plan for Electronics and help advance the strategic alignment of Marketing.

  • Manage staff and lead the global Electronics divisions.

  • Create and execute compelling business cases and be in charge of the marketing roadmap and related market requirement documents.

  • Work with your team to develop new applications.

  • Be responsible for planning the global launch of new solutions and services.

  • Design top marketing campaigns in close collaboration with Marketing and Sales. 


  • A PhD in engineering, physics or electronics and a head for business.

  • At least 5 years of experience in the electronics industry, and ideally in F&A labs and process control.

  • A thorough understanding of marketing and product management principles.

  • The skills to drive performance and engage intercultural teams.

  • Excellent communication skills and are able to manage conflict.

  • The motivation to get things done and are eager to beat out the competition.

Contact Information:

Associate:  Myrna D. Parkin

Phone:  508-647-0221

Email:  mparkin@mdparkin.com