Senior Engineer - Battery Development

January 22, 0018

Location: Greater Boston

Salary:  Open

Job Description:

Our client, located in the Greater Boston area, is dedicated to creating high-performance and safe materials for lithium-ion batteries. As an agile and energetic startup, it strives for excellence in execution and innovation on a daily basis. The team is rapidly expanding its established R&D and manufacturing operations in order to fulfill its customers’ needs for superior battery materials.

At this time the company is looking for a Senior Engineer – Battery Development to join its R&D team. The role requires a sophisticated understanding of cell design, cell assembly, and material/battery characterization. The role will entail preparing, designing, and monitoring instruments and experiments; interpreting and presenting data; and working closely with the company’s product design teams to determine cells’ design and mechanical characteristics. Applicants should expect to be closely involved in patent filings and must demonstrate excellent written and verbal communications skills.


  • ŸBachelor’s degree or higher in Materials Science, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or related fields
  • 3-5 years’ experience in pouch cell design, assembly and testing
  • Experience with polymer processing and/or metallurgy is preferred
  • Willingness to execute on multiple tasks in a fast-paced start-up environment
  • Ability to work within project teams with dedication and technical excellence

Specific Duties and Responsibilities include, but are not restricted to:

  • ŸDesign, develop, validate, and analyze lithium-ion cell components, assemblies, and specifications, as well as of the full suite of pouch cell processes
  • Plan, develop, and execute Design of Experiment (DOE) for fabrication and testing of lithium-ion cells
  • Lead fabrication process development to optimize product cost and quality and provide engineering support to resolve manufacturing process issues
  • Maintain compliance with all company protocols related to confidentiality, assignment of inventions, and other policies or duties as identified and assigned


Contact Information:

Associate:  Jean M. Nolan

Phone:  508-647-0434